iTero™ Digital Impressions – Speed, Accuracy & Comfort

Cameron Family Dentistry is proud to offer iTero Digital Impressions for our patients.  Putty impressions are a thing of the past with the iTero Digital system!

Patients who are candidates for Invisalign aligners can now enjoy the benefits of an accurate impression method that is essential for effective treatment planning and orthodontic care.  The accuracy and detail of the iTero scan vs a putty impression is comparable to watching television with a Hi-Definition video feed over Standard-Definition.

The iOC Scanner captures the contours of teeth and gingival structures, producing an accurate digital scan in minutes.  This non-invasive procedure is ideal for patients undergoing treatment with Invisalign and crown and bridge patients as well.  No unpleasant putty material traditionally associated with making impressions is used in the digital scanning procedure.

How iTero Works

The iTero handheld wand takes a digital, 3-D image of the teeth being treated in a non-invasive way.  Breathing is not obstructed and swallowing may still be accomplished during the scanning process.  It is also possible to adjust to a comfortable position if needed — the accuracy of the iTero wand is first-rate!  With this system, there is no need for “re-doing” an impression.  Additionally, the image of the scan can be seen on the monitor in real-time as the provider is obtaining the scan.  It really is a cool, cutting-edge process to watch and be part of!

Once the iTero machine has all of the scan data, the information is then sent directly to the lab electronically, circumventing the need to ship anything such as the final impressions in the impression trays.  Aside from reducing the chances of introducing inaccuracies, this greatly expedites the turn-around time with how long it takes to receive the case back from the dental lab.

If the scan is being done for Invisalign aligners, a computer generated rendering is created in minutes showing what the end result might look like and the number of aligners necessary to obtain those results!

Because the iTero software is completely compatible with Invisalign Technologies, once the scan is completed, we can use Invisalign’s Outcome Simulator to generate a proposal of what someone’s new smile will look like.  Never before has such a technology been available and we are proud to offer this to our patients and their family members.

View the video below to learn more about the iTero scanning process:

Benefits of Teeth Scanning

*Eliminates Putty Impressions – the most invasive procedure in daily orthodontic care. No more goopy, unpleasant aftertaste of traditional impressions. An increase in your comfort!
*Superior Accuracy  – with no distortion from patient movement during set, removal of impression, or disinfection.
*Onscreen Visualization – allows for immediate adjustment to create the ideal orthodontic scan the first time. The iTero image appears on the screen as the orthodontist scans your mouth in real time!
*Single Use Imaging Shield – to ensure maximum cleanliness