Is Cameron Family Dentistry accepting new patients?

Yes, we welcome new routine patients and emergency patients as well. Please contact the office at (910) 436-1922 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Do you accept my insurance?

Yes!  We are in network with the following insurance providers: NC Medicaid, NC Healthchoice, Metlife/Tricare Dental, Delta Dental Premier & PPO, BCBS NC, Dentemax, United Concordia, Assurant Dental, HealthSmart Benefit Solutions, United Healthcare, Ameritas, Prinicpal Life, and Cigna Dental.

We also see active and reserve military soldiers with a referral from base. If we are not in network with your insurance company, we will still file all dental insurance plans as a courtesy to our patients, as long as your policy allows you to see any doctor of your choice.

In the event that we are out-of-network with a particular company, we will assist in every way possible with optimizing the use of insurance benefits.  If we are out of network with a particular insurance company, there is often very little to a nominal difference in the benefits covered by the insurance company yet at other times, there is a big difference.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the patient or primary insured contact the insurance company directly in an effort to avoid any misunderstanding, miscommunication or unexpected surprises with regard to amounts owed, annual maximum coverages or remaining balances with allowable benefits from any particular insurance company.

What should I do in case of an emergency after office hours?

Call the office, you will be given an emergency number to call, leave a message, and someone will call you back within 24 hours. If waiting for a call back is not feasible, please contact 911 for a life threatening emergency or visit the nearest urgent care facility.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath (halitosis) is caused by odor-producing bacteria that are present in the mouth. When someone doesn’t floss and brush (including the tongue) regularly, bacteria accumulate on the bits of food that remains on the surfaces of the teeth, tongue and between the teeth.  The sulfur compounds released by these bacteria are what creates bad breath.

Smoking is also a major cause of bad breath and certain types of food such as garlic and onions.  Flossing and brushing regularly as well as maintaining regular check-up and cleaning intervals with the dentist can help minimize or eliminate bad breath.  Should bad breath be persistent, a more serious dental or medical condition may exist.  Make an appointment with our office to evaluate the cause if halitosis is persistent.

Why doesn’t my insurance cover more?

The benefits each person receives from an insurance company are based on the terms of the contract that were negotiated between a particular employer and the insurance company providing dental coverage.

The goal of most dental benefit plans is to provide only basic care for specific dental services.  Some services that are needed or wanted may not be covered by a specific dental benefit plan. Companies will also use something called a downgrade rule, where they pay based on the fees of an alternate, less desirable restorative material such as dental amalgam (silver filling) instead of the composite (tooth colored) filling fees.  Our office only offers tooth colored fillings.  This is only one example out of a myriad.  For more specifics or a detailed explanation, the insurance providing dental benefits should be contacted for clarification.

Our goal is to help achieve and maintain optimal dental care. We do not compromise patient care based on the limitations of an insurance company.